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Linux Utilities - 27 July, 2009

netfilterd - a Linux daemon for filtering traffic.

Banjo stuff - 27 May, 2008
As well as coding, I also play 5-String banjo. Checkout my new release of Bluegrass material, "Beyond Dark Hollow".
I also play banjo with a band called Beverley and the Clench Mountain Boys.
And also with Wires and Wood.

Updated - 6 Feb, 2008

I am not sure if there is any real need for WhatRoute now that we a vast range of UNIX tools at our disposal. However, I still receive requests for updates and modifications to the software, so I have resurrected the source and fixed many problems that have been brought to my attention in the last 4 years.

I dont expect that I will move the entire application to Universal Binary. To do so requires a major re-write and this would not seem to be justified, given that the initial reason I wrote the software was to solve networking problems on a platform that had no tools at all. Times have changed.

Thank-you to all of you have contacted me over the years since I first released the initial version (back on MacOS 7.5 from memory). Its a testament to Apple and Metrowerks that the software has survived largely intact since I first released it 1996, has run on 3 vastly different instruction sets (68K, PPC, Intel) and survived the major transitions in the OS that have struck over the years.


WhatRoute 1.8.18 (Mac OSX 10.3.9 and later) is now available

Bug Fixes - WR 1.8.18 - 6 February 2008

  • Recompiled and tested on Leopard.

    Bug Fixes - WR 1.8.17 - 24 August 2006

  • Fixed authentication problems with WhatRouteHelper.
  • Cleaned up reference counting.

    Bug Fixes - WR 1.8.16 - 6 July 2006

  • Fixed a problem in WhatRouteHelper that was causing it to abort on single cpu machines.
  • Fixed problem with reference counting when issuing a Ping.

    Bug Fixes - WR 1.8.15 - 2 July 2006

  • Updated the WhatRouteHelper program to work on MacIntel. The helper is now a universal binary although WhatRoute itself remains as a PPC application.
  • Innumerable minor glitches resolved.

    WhatRoute 1.8.14 (Mac OSX only - pre 10.4) is here

    Bug Fix - WR 1.8.14 - 24 Nov 2002

  • A bug in rendering text on MacOS X 10.2.5 has been fixed.

    Bug Fixes - WR 1.8.12

  • Fixed bug in the Whois server editor.
  • Should now be able to ping or ICMP Traceroute through a Linksys router

    It seems that the web server is mis-configured for .dmg files. If instead of a file download you get a bunch of garbage on your screen, click and hold the link until a pop-up menu appears. Then save the file to disk.

    WhatRoute 1.8.11 (Classic) is now available

    WhatRoute 1.7 is now available

    View the documentation

    Enhancements & Bug Fixes - WR 1.8.11
    Cleanup of WR 1.8.0 with much assistance from Mike Fischer. The rawrequest application is history and a helper app is included in the WhatRoute bundle.

    Enhancements & BugFixes - WR 1.8.0
    This is alpha level software. No new functionality, but it has been ported/updated to work under Carbon/MacOSx. There is also a version in the distribution that will run under MacOS 9 with no Carbon support.

    Enhancements & BugFixes - WR 1.7
    Hey - a non-beta release of WhatRoute - That hasn't happened for a while :-)
    A small (well quite big really) problem at work, prompted me to add a Ping Distribution window. This plots a frequency distribution of ping times and is quite useful for checking network performance.

    Enhancements & BugFixes - WR 1.6b7
    WhatRoute 1.6b6 make use of Netgeo, the new domain to location database at
    You must check that the Tree&Map Options panel contains an entry for

    Faster drawing of the Map window

    Added animation to routes plotted on Map Window

    Enhancements & BugFixes - WR 1.6b6
    WhatRoute 1.6b6 make use of Netgeo, the new domain to location database at
    You must check that the Tree&Map Options panel contains an entry for

    Added a new world map.

    Added verbose logging option to NetGeo queries

    Added 'Great Circle' route plotting

    Fixed a bug that caused DNS Queries to lock up the machine if the DNS server is unavailable

    BugFixes - WR 1.6b5
    Version 1.6b5 adds the ability to do Traceroutes with ICMP packets instead of the more usual UDP. This may be of benefit if you are behind a fire-wall.

    Earlier versions of WhatRoute will fail under MacOS 9
    If you plan on using WhatRoute under MacOS9 you must get this newest version.

    This version works with MacOS 8.1

    Version 1.4.3 also available - This will not work on MacOS 9

    Brief explanation of the bugs and fixes below.

    Mirror Sites If this site is slow to load, please try the mirror sites, or download the software from one of the servers listed below.

    Mail List
    The WhatRoute mail list is now available again. Jakob had a server crash and unfortunately the list went with it. He lost all the addresses, so you'll need to re-subscribe.
    You can subscribe to the WhatRoute-Talk ListMaster mail list. Thanks for the service Jakob.  

    WhatRoute Version 1.4.3
    Here's version 1.4.3 of WhatRoute, a Macintosh, Open Transport implementation of traceroute, ping, DNS Query, Finger and Whois

    Bug Fixes in WR 1.4.3
    WR 1.4.3 fixes a pretty badly broken 1.4.2

    New features in version 1.4.2
    Finger client
    Whois client

    See the README file for more information on WhatRoute.

    WhatRoute requires Open Transport and will not work with MacTCP.

    Thank-you to all those who have sent me feedback and encouragement (and bug reports).
    Fabrizio Oddone has been a major help in reporting/resolving problems. Thanks mate.
    Check out Fabrizio's web site for details of a really cool new URL protocol and implementation. 

    Download WhatRoute Version 1.4.3

    New Zealand

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(68K)  

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(PPC)  

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(FAT)  


    UNSW Mac Archive

    WhatRoute 1.4.3 is also available at The AusMac Archive courtesy of Grant Bayley
    This is a superb archive of Mac software - good stuff Grant!!

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(68K)  

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(PPC)  

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(FAT)  


    WhatRoute 1.4.3 is available at WhatRoute Page.
    This site is in Japanese and maintained by Tommy AOYAMA (AOYAMA Tomoyasu).

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(68K)

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(PPC)

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(FAT)

    South Africa

    Ken Turner has WhatRoute 1.4.3 at the Mac's On The Net site in Cape Town.
    You can download from his FTP Site with Anarchie or Fetch

    North America

    WhatRoute 1.4.3(FAT) is at Tiger Consulting (John Gillett's Home Page)

    And at Digital Forest courtesy of Chris Kilbourn.
    People who have 68K Macs should download the FAT version.

    WhatRoute1.4 (FAT) 

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